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Project Brief

Communication has always been an essential part of our life. When undesirable situations happen, how we communicate significantly impacts how others think and feel about the situation. I launched this social experiment to help people better express their emotions.

Some psychologists use the Rorschach test to examine a person's personality characteristics and emotional functioning, especially in cases where patients are reluctant to describe their thinking processes openly. Inspired by this test, I want to find out if a visually interactive tool, such as a mood board, can help people better communicate their emotions.


Experiment Information


A visually interactive tool, such as a mood board, can help people better communicate their emotions


Eric is a male studio manager


7pm - 9pm on Oct. 26th 2022


See diagram below


*Portrait of the participant is taken on Sep.12th 2022



Happy                   |                            Angry                            |                    Scared

    Sad                       |                     Participant Mix                    |              Partner Mix 


Result + Interview


Emotion & Abstraction

When I asked Eric to draw the four moods, I found that he had a specific image for "Happy", a car, and "Fear", a snake. However, he uses abstract shapes for "Angry" and "Sad". Eric uses a lot of red in both "Angry" and "Fear", while "Happy" is black and white.

Different people have different associations with a particular emotion. When I asked Eric why he didn't use any color on the car, he said he could use colors, but he thought colors weren't necessary because happiness is very simple, and it's the subject that makes him happy no matter what color it is. 


Emotion & Perspective

Crystal listened to the recording of Eric telling the story and then created the mood board using the elements created by Eric. I didn't tell crystal which element represents which mood, but Crystal is 90% accurate, except for the "Sad" one, which Crystal thought was "Unhappy" or "Upset".

When Crystal created the mood board, she thought the primary emotion should be "Sad" or "Unhappy/Upset". However, Eric doesn't feel very "Sad" but mostly "Angry". This surprised Crystal because she said she would feel very sad if she were in that situation.


Emotion & Communication

Eric thought that emotion is "not useful thing males" because they tend to focus on the result instead of the process. Males tend to solve problems by logic.

However, his partner thought that emotions are essential for females who tend to focus more on the process. When they become emotional, ignoring their emotions will make them feel worse. 

Eric said, "This activity helps us visualize the difference and serves as a good reference when we communicate our emotions."

This is a social experiment prototype. Do not use it for scientific purposes.

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