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The student project presentation starts with a scavenger hunt where students are asked to find letters formed by objects in the surrounding environment. This activity serves as a class warm-up and paves the way for the introduction to the project. I also used pictures taken during the scavenger hunt in the project demo, which made the presentation flow smoothly.


Laurie Burruss

"YES!!! Made us move around! 'Mash-up' ties in exercise with the project ☆☆☆☆"


Student Project Handout 1/2

In this project, students will design a digital book consisting of 26 simple letter & image relationships arranged in alphabetical order. 

This is the first page of a student project handout. It contains a visual example of the project, the problem statement, the context, and the objectives.


Student Project Handout 2/2

This is the second page of the student project handout. It contains specifications, materials, the process, a rubric checklist, and resources.

The official rubric contains seven criteria. For detailed information, please download the rubric file. 

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